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Meetings will be held on the listed dates, from 5-6:30 at Hopcat (in the Haymarket).

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Below is the list of papers that we have discussed in the past, or will discuss in the following meeting. Everyone please update this section with information about which paper you plan to discuss each week. Do not plan to discuss a paper that you have published yourself.

Posts by unknown contributors will be summarily deleted.

The meeting will be cancelled if a quorum of 3 is not achieved by 4:00 PM on the day of the meeting.

-Wenchao: If you still reading, continue with ice VII, here is ice XVIII, ☀

Meeting 42: April 18, 2019

Andrew: Upper Bound to the OAM Carried by an Ultrashort Pulse (PRL Mar 29, 2019) (also made claim that integration by parts was discovered after 1985)

Colton: PASER

William: Affects of Tunneling and Multi-photon Transition on Squeezed States in Nonlinear Oscillator (Phys Rev. A April 4, 2019)

Bret: What is Spin? (American Journal of Physics 54, 500, 1986)


Meeting 41: April 4, 2019

Colton working on comprehensive.

Karl busy.



Meeting 40: March 21, 2019

no posts by 4. cancelled.


Meeting 39: March 7, 2019

Andrew: Two short things:

  • Ada Lovelace - The first computer programmer, nearly 100 years before computers (wiki)
  • Why Andrew is a terrible physicist, March 2019 edition

Bralphabeticalorder: Nonuniqueness of Canonical Field Quantization in Riemannian Space-Time (PRD, 1973)

Colton: For all of you baseball fans : catching fly balls


William: Rubidium is cooler than Karl thought (Nature Photonics, 2019)


Meeting 38: February 14, 2019


  • Owes Will a beer.
  • A new twist in twisted light (ArXiV preprint, Jan 30 2019)

Colton: Absent

Karl: The Rashba Effect: Can I get away with posting a Materials paper in an AMO paper group listing? (Nature, 2015)

William: I'm following Karl's example and posting chemistry papers here. How do we know the Pauli Exclusion principle works?


Meeting 37: January 31, 2019

Andrew: Two interesting things

Karl: Ghost Imaging: Are Batelaan and Fuchs Wasting Their Time? (PRA - Dec. 2008)

William: How Condensed Matter Became a Field (Physics Today - Jan. 30, 2019)


Meeting 36: January 17, 2019

Andrew: A separated vortex ring underlies the flight of the dandelion (Nature, Oct 17 2018)


Colton: Water Spirals, Stimulated Hawking Radiation, Sound proofing, and rubber bands. What a week for PRL




Meeting 35: December 3, 2018

Andrew: Stuff I prepared last time, and Linting

Colton: Gas Jet vs Gas Cell (

Karl: Cleaning the surfaces ( and I edited Wikipedia (



Meeting 34: November 19, 2018

Andrew: One interesting thing, one paper:

Bueller?: 4:00. Nobody else here. Cancelled.


Meeting 33: November 5, 2018 (Guest: Will Newman)

Andrew: EnChroma glasses don't actually work (Optics Express - Oct 19, 2018)

Colton: Beyond the local constant field approx. for Nonlinear QED ( PRA - July 2018)

-Also, another interesting story about super-permutations that you may or may not have seen

Karl: My adventure into solid state physics: What the hell is a Dirac cone? (PRL - Feb 2012)

Bret: On the Problem of Hidden Variables in Quantum Mechanics J.S. Bell (Rev Modern Phys, July 1966)


Meeting 32: October 22, 2018

Andrew: Conclusions from small data sets (PRL, Oct 19 2019)

Bret: Complementarity in the double-slit experiment: Quantum nonseparability and a quantitative statement of Bohr's principle (PRD, Jan 1979 )

Karl: I'm so bad at this! (


Meeting 31: October 8, 2018

Andrew: Magnetic vortices drive particle swarms (Nat. Comm., June 2018) [movie]

Bret: Stochastic electrodynamics and the interpretation of quantum physics. (arXiv paper, May 2012)

Karl: Absent


Meeting 30: September 24, 2018

Andrew: Nuclear pasta - spaghetti, gnocchi, lasagna, bucatini, and swiss cheese phases

  • pasta sauce (bottled fresh TODAY)
  • general-purpose sauce

Bret: Quantum theory cannot consistently describe the use of itself. (Nature Comm. 18 September 2018)

Colton: Transformation Optics, From light to water.

Karl: Self-propelled water droplets on a flat surface. (Nature, PhysicsToday)


Meeting 29: September 10, 2018

Andrew: Structured electron beams (Physics of Plasmas, Aug 22 2018)

Colton: Single pixel imaging and more ( Science, Aug 17,2018 & Science, May 17, 2018)

Karl: Two Dimensional Chirality and Other Generalizations (Boring Paper, 2D Chirality, Squircles)


Meeting 28: August 27, 2018

Andrew: Laser-driven elastic waves (Nat. Comm. - Aug 21 2018)

Bret: Violation of Bohr’s Complementarity: One Slit or Both?, Afshar [1]

Colton: absent

Dan: break spaghetti (link) (likely absent)

Harin: (absent)

Karl: The curious case of correlated data (arXiv paper(2018), response)


Meeting 27: August 13, 2018

Andrew: The best publication ever, and some real science:


Karl: Nasty cheese


Meeting 26: July 30, 2018

Andrew: A better quantum RNG (Optics Express,Volume26,Issue16 - Aug 6, 2018)

Karl: Banana Diffraction! ( 6 Feb. 2017)

Another link for this (here)


Meeting 25: July 16, 2018

Andrew: (absent)

Bret: Why Decoherence has not Solved the Measurement Problem: A Response to P. W. Anderson [2]

Colton: Attosecond coherent control of free-electron wave functions using semi-infinite light fields

A similar paper (Free Electron Pinball)



Meeting 24: July 2, 2018

Andrew: Gravity waves carrying OAM (New J. Phys. 18 (2016))

Bret: John Von Neumann: "The Mathematician"

Colton: ionization injection in lwfa.

Karl: Is it left-handed or right-handed? Clockwise or anti-clockwise? The full story on how to describe things that spin. (


Meeting 23: June 18, 2018 (Guests: Yu Hang Ng, Roland Hesse, Bret Gergely)

Andrew: Two papers:

  1. Rubidium-85: the magical optical vortex energizer (PRA June 6 2018)
  2. The gravitational field of a laser pulse (New J. Phys. 18 (2016))

Colton: Ultrashort laser pulse metrology

Dan: (out of the country)

Harin: curse of dimensionality: Adaptive multidimensional integration (source)

Karl: Double-Blind Review, a good idea?

Bret: Beyond Falsifiability: Normal Science in a Multiverse - Sean Carroll [3]

  • I would also like to add that one of his main points (it goes something like.. string theory+inflation = a lambda value that => Multiverse) has been shit on by Luke A Barnes et al. as noted by Peter Woit's blog entry today. [4]


Meeting 22: June 4, 2018

Andrew: A week for failures:

  1. Nuclear testing blunders, part 2: Castle Bravo (wiki)
  2. Cosmological blunders, part 1: Primordial Gravitational Waves

Colton: [polaization and how to measure it]

Karl: Immortal Cells, Cancer, and Senescence (, 2007)


Meeting 21: May 21, 2018

Andrew: 1 paper + 2 small items

Colton: The future of Fresnel lenses. [ Science Mag. 03 June 2016 ]

Karl: How to create a single photon. (Review of Scientific Instruments, June 2011)


Meeting 20: May 7, 2018 (Guest: Dan Haden)

Andrew: How often should you beat your kids? A mathematical analysis (source)

Colton: Physics of Golf book

Dan: How to leave your credit card at a restaurant, and other such trivialities (source)

Harin: (absent)

Karl: Old News: The Human Eye can Perceive a Single Photon


Meeting 19: Apr 23, 2018 Edit

Andrew: The global energy cost of friction (source)

Colton: Optical Tweezer (sauce)& (teriyaki)

Harin: (no paper)

Karl: What's in a name? Your salary and academic achievement.


Meeting 18: Apr 9, 2018 Edit

Andrew: (1) OAM reversal (PNAS March 2018)

......(2) The DQ "Law"


  • Similar to the ponytail paper, this is about the knucks.
  • A paper for Karl and I, electron spin and cirular polarized laser used to measure attosecond X-ray pulses

Karl: Faraday Rotation (light propagating through a medium under the influence of an external magnetic field will rotate) (Applied Optics)


Meeting 17: Mar 26, 2018 Edit

Andrew: CW Maser (Nature, March 2018)

Colton: Femtosecond X-ray Holography (the stuff)

Harin: Spoke about Fortran

Karl: Talked about the quantum-classical conundrum related to accelerating charges emitting radiation


Meeting 16: Mar 12, 2018 (Guest: Peter Berlie) Edit

Andrew: (1) Revealing government secrets with dimensional analysis (pdf)

......(2) Flippy got fired, for now (source)

Colton: Two boxes, Three balls and no two balls in the same box (sauce )

Dan: (absent)

Harin: (absent)

Karl: broke the elevator. Simple, low-noise piezo driver with feed-forward for broad tuning of external cavity diode lasers ( or how to build something that's better than existing products on the market at a fraction of the cost.


Meeting 15: Feb 26, 2018 Edit

Andrew: (1) Freely available smart phone microscopes (Nature, Scientific Reports, 2/19/2018)

......(2) Charging smart phones with a laser (Conference proceedings, 12/2017)


Dan: (absent)

Harin: n/a

Karl: Optically pumped spin-exchange polarized-electron source (

Wenchao: Hi, guys. I have joined ELI beamlines in Czech republic, my email is Great to see that you still drink beer. Beer in Czech is very good, we will have a conference in July, if you'd like to join us.


Meeting 14: Feb 12, 2018 Edit

Andrew: (1) Light stops at exceptional points (PRL, Jan 3 2018)

.....(2) Infinite laser energy (J. Opt. A, 2001) that is sufficiently physical (Comment on the paper)

.....(3) Position dependent AM selection rules in vortices (Experimental verification) (New J.Phys 20, 2018)

Colton: Zeptosecond X-rays (Maybe??) (PRE 2005)


Harin: (absent)

Karl: Self-propelled water droplets (


Meeting 13: Jan 29, 2018 Edit

Andrew: Acoustic Virtual Vortices with Tunable Orbital Angular Momentum...(PRL, Jan 22 2018)

Colton: Optical Trap Displays ( Nature, Jan 24, 2018)

Dan: (absent)

Harin: (absent)

Karl: (absent)


Meeting 12: Jan 15, 2018 Edit

Andrew: (1) Ships cause their own stormy seas (Physics Today, November 2017, pp. 20-21).

...................(2) The Gibbs phenomenon.

...................(3) The Perfect Croissant (Physics Today, January 2018)

Colton: There are still unsolved probelms out there.

Dan: (absent)

Harin: (absent)

Karl: How do YOU generate orbital angular momentum? (Definitely a real journal article)


Meeting 11: Nov 30, 2017 Edit

Andrew: Laser mind control (Nature Physics13, 1111–1116 (2017))

Colton: Optical Technique for viewing Fast objects (Optics Letters, 38(23), 5157–5160)

Dan: Photo-nuclear reactions.. produced by lightning!! (

Karl: It turns out that neutrinos can be stopped! (


Meeting 10: Nov 16, 2017 Edit

Andrew: Arbitrary spin-to-orbital angular momentum conversion of light (Science 02 Nov 2017)

Colton: Second harmonic steering: (


Harin : the shortest paper published in PR (

Karl: Let's go fishing. (


Meeting 9: Nov 2, 2017 (Guest:  Kai Huang) Edit

Andrew: The Death Star, built at LLNL (Nat. Phys., Oct 2, 2017)

Colton: The drastic changes of physical constants could lead to a vastly different universe. Here is a cute couple of stories by George Gamow that demonstrate the possibilities.

Wenchao: I will not be there, but a funny story to share. This is an Erratum, but very interesting: ☀

They reported the wrong side of the dogs' brain, because the "different body positions of humans and dogs in the MRI scanner"

Human normally lie facing up, while dogs lie on their stomach. LOL

Harin : "writer's block" :

Karl: Chirality - Beyond the Structural Effects (Theory behind Polarized electrons from DNA):


Meeting 8: Oct 19, 2017 (Guest:  Detian Yang) Edit

Andrew: (moved to next week, talked about wenchao's all night)


Dan: The physics of the creation of the black hole in Interstellar (work done by a now Nobel Prize winner)


Karl: (Also moved to next week because of the engaging nature of Wenchao's Paper)


☀GW170817: Observation of Gravitational Waves from a Binary Neutron Star Inspiral

☀original paper:

8 Nature publication:

4 Science publication:

~30 The Astrophysical Journal Letters :


Meeting 7: Oct 5, 2017 (Guest:  Anthony Hooper) Edit

Andrew: Rotational superradiant scattering in a vortex flow [Nature Physics 13, 833–836 (2017)]

Colton: Introduce a little chaos into your life. A paper about how choas helps mimic the human brain and leads to solving previously unsolved.

Karl: Polarized electrons from DNA (

Wenchao: Mimic the curved space ( )


Meeting 6: Sept 21, 2017 (Guest: Robert Tabb) Edit

Andrew: Invisibility Laser (Light: Science & Applications (2017) 6, e17035; doi:10.1038/lsa.2017.35)

Colton: Carnot efficiency be Damned!!! ( the actual paper)


Wenchao: A great paper, Atlmetrics:3032 CRISPR–Cas encoding of a digital movie into the genomes of a population of living bacteria (


Meeting 5: Aug 31, 2017 Edit

Andrew: Harvesting electrical energy from carbon nanotube yarn twist (Science Vol. 357, Issue 6353)

Colton: Plasma Propulsion (IOP 2009, Vol 42, Number 16)

Dan: Physics hero: Harold Edgerton

Studies in Drop Formation as Revealed by the High-Speed Motion Camera (1937) []

Photographic Use of Electrical Discharge Flashtubes (1946) []

A Rapid-Action Shutter with No Moving Parts (2-20 um exposure time using a magneto-optic shutter, 1951) []

Karl: Ultra-Narrow Faraday Rotation Filter at the Rb D1 Line (

Wenchao: Catch wave power in floating nets (

Another interesting paper about surgery from Lancet (impact factor: 44.002). DO NOT read during dinner. (☀


Meeting 4: Aug 17, 2017 Edit

Andrew: Blind Quantum Computing for a Classical Client (Phys. Rev. Lett. 119, 050503)

Colton: N/A

Harin: N/A


Satellite-based entanglement distribution over 1200 kilometers (☀

Ground-to-satellite quantum teleportation (

Satellite-to-ground quantum key distribution (

Long-distance free-space quantum key distribution in daylight towards inter-satellite communication (


Meeting 3: Aug 3,2017 Edit

Andrew: Direct laser writing of complex microtubes using femtosecond vortex beams [App. Phys. Lett. 110, 221103 (2017)]



Karl: Gravity Waves

Wenchao: The next ten years of X-ray science

Funny one: Why humans lost their penis bone.


Meeting 2: July 20,2017 Edit

Andrew: Making ice with lasers - Compression Freezing Kinetics of Water to Ice VII (PRL July 11, 2017)

Colton: Biodiversity data:

Dan: Exploding water droplets using x-ray pulses - (Nature Physics May 23, 2016)

Karl: Chicken - Chicken (Annals of Improbable Research, 2016)

I won't be able to make it this week or next. Have fun learning without me. (video for chicken) by Wenchao


Exciting stuff: laser plasma black hole:

Accelerating Plasma Mirrors to Investigate the Black Hole Information Loss Paradox

Boring-but-have-to reading:

Gamma-ray vortices from nonlinear inverse Thomson scattering of circularly polarized light:

After club reading:



Meeting 1: July 6,2017 Edit

Andrew: Optical helices and spiral interference fringes (M. Harris, C.A. Hill, J.M. Vaughan - 1994)

Colton: Stock, S., Surzhykov, A., Fritzsche, S., & Seipt, D. (n.d.). Compton scattering of twisted light: Angular distribution and polarization of scattered photons.


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